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    Materials for TBS Empty Materials for TBS

    Post  michi on Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:15 pm

    GUYS! Which of you have any of the FF at home (or in your car!)???

    Contact either me, Pau or Iza by tonight or tomorrow please Very Happy

    • 4 Pouches (puwede socks)
    • 4 Plastic spoons

    • 15 sheets of newspaper (3 sheets per group) (other suggestions besides newspapers?)
    • Sounds (=speakers.. as in yung malakas ang sound)

    • Jolens and Jolen jar c/o Ysa
    • 50 Plastic cups
    • 3 Blindfolds [Monika and Michi = 2]

    • 5 small boxes/shoebox (even if not same sizes) [Kaye = 3 boxes]
    • Carpool: Dog that nods its head while inside the car (puwedeng car freshener?)
    • Loans: Calculator [DSWS room]
    • Lockers: CD with Porn title “PATIKIM NG PINYA” (printed and stuck to a cd)
    • Lost and Found: Boxers (as in yung undergarment niyo mga boys. Matatawa nalang ako kung wala kau nito)
    • ProMoDoc: microphone

    • Alambre for the head dress
    • 4 pails

    • 2-4 blankets
    • Handkerchief [kaye]


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